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Prof. Jang wants to be one of the best teachers in America is not only very evident, but he takes active steps to make it happen. He is very bright and has studied under Hank Haney for over 2 decade. His position for 28 years as the director of teaching of the Hank Haney golf for Golf Digest put him in a unique position to observe and learn from the game’s finest teacher.

When I met John on the teaching the teacher day, he was well on his way to a thorough understanding of not just the golf swing  but the entire game and how to play it. With regards to what I teach, Prof. Jang has been very quick to understand the principles that I feel are fundamental to both teaching and playing the game. He has a complete understanding of technique, but more importantly, understands that there is more than one way to swing a golf club and can help everyone who walks through his door.

That is a very rare gift and unfortunately, not one that you often find. Beyond his technique and skills, Prof. Jang is a born teacher in that he can communicate and cares about people. I can teach people about golf but I cannot teach them to like other people. Teaching is a skill plus the correct information. Prof. Jang has both. He is the kind of warm, gentle, and gracious man that people enjoy associating with him. Prof. Jang is also my friend and I am very proud of that. 


I recently began playing again after a long absence from the game caused by an injury. Prof. Jang is helping me build a swing from the ground up that is enabling me to hit the ball as I always desired. My progress as been consistent and I recently carded my first eagle at Bay Hill. During a seven hole stretch of one under par golf. Not bad for a 15 handicapper! Prof. Jang has me more motivated than ever to reach my full potential and I am thrilled to be working with him. 

imageDear Prof. Jang,

You are without a doubt the best teacher of golf that I have met. With all the instructional books, golf channel instruction, videos, and magazines. Your ideas about the swing cuts away all of that chaff and allows me to hit the ball with power and accuracy. Whenever I find the time to practice and play I enjoy the game more than ever, and it helps my ego when my golfing buddies tell me how much my golf game has improved from tee to green. I can't thank you enough for all the joy you have given me. I'll try to get you a schedule of performances that I am conducting. I hope you can get to the ballet this spring. 


Prof. Jang is a brilliant instructor. He believes in the unique teaching methods he has developed, but he also believes that no two people swing exactly the same way. They have different bodies, different abilities, and never enough time to play. So he helps you make your own as simple as possible. His love of the game and love of teaching help make it fun. In my case, following Prof. Jang direction and ignoring all the stuff in magazines and all the helpful tips from others, I've gone from beginner to mid 80s in less than two years. Now we've reset our goal to the mid 70s, and if Prof. Jang an hang in there, we'll make it.


imagePrepare yourself for success! Because of Prof. Jang is professional tour player's teacher. He got experiences, knowledge, patient, and positive. He is dedicated to an enjoyable learning experience.

He knows what level of instruction you need and he works with you until you get it. Through analysis and technology, he reinforces the correct fundamentals. This approach leads to immediate and measurable improvement.

The one on one relationship really pays off through the specific drills, and teaching aids you feel the correct balance. Prof. Jang does not treat only symptoms. There is no quick fix technology. You can depend on Prof. Jang for constructing your swing. You will successfully hit the ball because you know how to swing the club. I have been playing golf for almost one year and because of Prof. Jang's instruction and dedication, I am now playing on one of the most difficult courses in a private club. I still have more to learn but am enjoying my golf games.

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