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My Teaching Philosophy:  Whatever you do to others, It will come back to you. Make hays while the sun shines. Never try to teach the fish how to swim.


He tells us how to master the greenside driving chip, one of the most important shots in golf:

Forget the one foot putt for a second as the simplest shot in golf. Discounting the putter, the greenside chip shot is the simplest motion. It doesn’t take a lot of moving parts and the swing is short. You may be having trouble with this shot as a lot of golfers do. I am going to make it simpler.

The chip is defined as a low running shot. The pitch is defined by more air time. The chip is the introduction to hitting a lofted iron. The club that gets the ball airborne by the way it is designed as long as you hit the ball solidly. So that becomes your first goal in chipping. Hit it solidly in mind you are going to get the arc of our swing to hit on or past the spot where the ball sits.

All the essentials of chipping make sense if you keep hitting the ball solidly in mind. The weight should be leaning toward the left foot, the hands are slightly forward, and the ball is just back of the middle. These setup factors all encourage a solid shot. Let the club make an arc going back. Don’t keep the club too low or pick it up too sharply or take it too much inside.

You want to avoid the scoop on the forward swing. Make sure the hands leaning slightly forward at impact. I like to offer you the Drills for Touch and Feel. Chip It In Find a spot on the fringe 6-10 feet from the hole. Chip with the attitude that you are going to chip it in.

This will increase your confidence and your results. Ping Pong Ball You can use this drill inside. Hit chip shots with a ping pong ball. Notice how hitting slightly down makes the ball go up and puts some spin on the ball. Be creative and take what you learn to the real ball.

It also helps you develop your intuition when chipping. It’s a fun, competitive little game to play with a partner, and one that really helps you learn to shape your shots. And while you’ve got the ping pong balls out, experiment with them. See what it takes to make them curve. Hit draws and fades.

The Swing of the Future, the technique will make your shots longer and straighter that they are now. Most instructors will tell you the swing of the new golfer that synchronizes the swinging of the hands and arms with the turning motion of the body. That's all fine and good. But after years of studying the swing, I've found one more critical element. I call it the spine tilt thrust which happens right at impact.

I'm convinced that adding this move to the arm swing and body turn will help you hit the ball consistently straight and far. To say that power in the golf swing comes from generating clubhead speed by swinging faster tells only part of the story. The most important thing is knowing how to apply the mass of your body to the hit.

The spine tilt thrust not only helps you effectively apply your body weight to your driver at impact. it will allow you to multiply that weight. I'll show you how to combine the elements needed for a powerful and accurate swing. We'll start with the backswing, move onto the downswing, and finish with the good stuff.

You will no longer have to worry about manipulating your hands to square the face at impact, nor will you have to swing out of your shoes to hit the ball farther. And when the match is on the line, you can be assured that this golf swing holds up. 

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