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About Ryan Holt

Ryan is a class A PGA teaching professional who teaches golf at River Oaks GC in Sandy, Utah. He has been teaching golf for 14 years. Ryan was named to the Golf Digest Best Teacher in State List for 2017-2018. He was awarded the 2016 Utah PGA Teacher of the Year. He has certifications with the Titleist Performance Institute, Trackman, K-Vest, and Dana Dahlquist. His computer science degree from the University of Utah helps him use the most up to date technology in his lessons. Ryan teaches players of all levels from beginning juniors to professional golfers.

How I Teach

I use Trackman, K-Vest, and Boditrak to measure the student’s swing. Measuring is important because if you can measure it, you can improve it. Once I identify the major compensations the student is making, I’ll choose one that either causes the biggest inconsistency or sets up a foundation for other changes.

I then use JC Video to show the student the motion they are making which correlates to the measurements we are going to change. From this, I will create a different feeling for the student by using drills that the student can repeat when they practice.  When I teach, the student and I are a team. Feedback from the student is very important. When they do the new motion correctly, I have them they describe it in their own words. I make sure I describe the motion that way the rest of the time. Doing this will make changes happen quicker because the student will be comfortable with what they’re doing and it becomes their “own” swing.

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