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Monday, June 17, 2024

For a little over 30 years I’ve been a PGA instructor successfully helping golfers from beginners to PGA Tour players hone their golfing skills and lower scores.... and I will do the same for you regardless of your playing level.

Mission Statement: My mission is to simplify and accelerate the learning process so you will achieve lasting results as fast as is reasonably possible without compromising the integrity of any aspect of your golf game.

I accomplish it through the following teaching philosophy:

  • Understand your goals and how much time you will devote to achieving them through practice and playing
  • Determine with you which sensory teaching method best enables your learning process
  • Customize and communicate instructions that are consistent with your sensory learning preference so we are in sync and can accelerate the learning curve
  • Implement a relevant lesson plan, tweak it as necessary, and achieve positive results

Your Key Towards Success: Whether you are a beginner, want a swing change, a tweak, or otherwise improve your game, the key towards success is using an experienced instructor whose teaching method is in sync with the way you learn best, be it verbally, visually, or through feel.

The Wrong Key: If the instructor's teaching method is different from the way you learn best there will be a serious communication problem that adversely affects your learning process. For instance, if you learn best with visuals and your instructor's method of teaching is through a sense of feel the lesson will be out of sync from the beginning.

PGA Touring Pros: Over 99% of the PGA Tour's top players have swing coaches whose teaching methods are consistent with their sensory learning ability. This enables them to realize positive results as fast as possible because the pro and swing-coach are on the same wavelength… and results are what count.

Practice: Regardless of your playing level - beginner, PGA touring pro or at somewhere in between, if the skills learned at each lesson are not seriously practiced the time for achieving positive results will be significantly delayed. Unfortunately, there is not a silver bullet for magical improvement in this game.

Call or email me so we can talk about achieving your golf goals and getting positive results.

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