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Monday, April 15, 2024

Mike Davis Golf

Technology that enhances golf instruction

"There is no question that modern technology has been very helpful to instructors and students."

There is no question that modern technology has been very helpful in golf instruction for both instructors and students.  The real issue is having the proper amount of technology.  Too much information is much worse than having too little.  Mike Davis has a very good understanding of how the mind acquires information and is able to utilize technology in a way that benefits his students. He uses a wide variety of golf training aids, when appropriate, to help his students get the feel of a particular move or position.

Video Systems
We have a state of the art video system with JC Video Software.  A video analysis can be e-mailed to students and also uploaded to their personal online student locker

We have a Flightscope Launch Monitor that is very helpful in assessing club and ball information.  It is also a great asset in clubfitting.


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