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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Loft & Lie Adjustment (Including Hybrids & Putters)
Precision Graphite and steel shaft flex analysis

This is the process of finding the spine or hard side (1 degree) and aligning the shaft and orienting that spine with the clubhead as to reduce the amount oscillation of the clubhead when the shaft is under load through the impact interval. This process tightens the impact dispersion on the clubface, reduces shot dispersion, and helps maintain clubhead inertia through impact. In my opinion this one of the most significant advancements in club performance. I finish this process by placing the butt end of the shaft in a vise and attach a laser on the tip end to verify a (dynamic) straight line oscillation of the shaft as it is vibrating on a horizontal plane.

If you have any questions:

Contact Kyle: Cell (503) 413-0419 -or-


Note: drop off and pick up your repaired clubs at Wildwood Golf Course.


 Regrips – Starting at $10
 Reshafts – Starting at $20 + Price of Shaft & Grip ($4 to save a current grip*)
 Reset Iron head - $8 per club
 Reset Wood head - $11 per club
 Remove shaft rattle - $5 per club
 Remove rattle in head - $12 per club
 Remove broken shaft in hosel - $10
 Extend shafts - $10 + Grip ($4 to save a current grip*)
 Shorten shaft - $4 + Grip ($4 to save a current grip*)
 Loft & Lie adjustment - $5 per club
 Switch shafts & tips - $15 per club
 Shaft Spining: Current shaft - $15, New shaft (in component form) - $7
 Iron/Wood MOI matching - $15 to $20 per club (per case basis)**
(*) No guarantee’s on saving a grip
(**) Some alterations are external, some are internal. Hence the price variance.
All repairs done in-house at Wildwood Golf Course.
Turn around time depends on availability and shipping ETA on special orders.

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