Lesson Programs
We believe that a good process, constant feedback, and a proper practice routine are the keys to improving your golf game. Learn more about our lesson programs that are tailored to your needs!

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Golf Academy
Teaching to all skill levels and age groups is a necessity for any golf instructor. On our website you can discover the options we offer for junior programs and also any clinics that we perform throughout Kansas City!

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Club Fitting & Repair
It is very important to consider the benefits of re-fitting your clubs as you improve your golf swing. Remember that we are always working to maximize your potential, so please take the time to learn more about individual club fittings!

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Book A Lesson Online
Flexibility in scheduling is key to having a good experience, and so we have integrated an online booking system that  allows you to utilize scheduling for all of your lessons, practice sessions, and even use of our golf simulator!

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Welcome to the Academy!

We are very excited to bring you to a level of golf instruction and related services that truly offer a different and better kind of experience here in Kansas City! Please take some time to review our website and learn about our vision for the future of golf. Please give us a call or email to learn about how you can initiate your process to a more fulfilling and complete golf game!

There are many negative views about the world of golf instruction today. Rightfully so, as it has become very bland, textbook, and closed minded. Why as golfers do we not implement structure and process much like the professionals do? Sure, they play and practice every day with their coach and caddie, but why all of a sudden does really good instruction become unimportant or unrealistic for the weekend player? Of course there are plenty of adequate golf instructors out there, however overall golf instruction has become a very tired and saturated market with too many schools of thought.

We are on a mission to change the quality and experience of golf instruction. So we invite you to schedule a swing analysis with us to learn more about how we are improving the future of the golf industry. We invite you to Discover Your True Potential!

What Is our purpose?!

Our mission is to create a life-altering instructional experience that will dramatically improve the manner in which a golfer thinks and plays their way around the golf course. We accomplish this by providing specific golf game and swing lesson programs that are actually tailored to the individual and their needs. Our primary goal is to positively affect every person that walks through our door not just by improving their golf game, but also by improving their general quality of life. Our motto is Discover Your True Potential for a reason! 

We believe the key to a player's success, regardless of skill level, is dependent upon the quality of visual, verbal, and kinesthetic feedback they have access to. Because our bodies do not immediately understand new movements and changes in habit, it is crucial for us to use visually based feedback to develop trust with these improvements until repetition and muscle memory take place.

We welcome players of all skill levels here at the Academy.  We have experience with beginners, high school and college players, mini-tour players and aspiring professionals. Any physical hindrance or past injury is merely a part of your personal process and in no way does it mean you are incapable of change and improvement. Contact us today to setup your initial visit and we look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for your support in our journey to change golf instruction!

6265 Lewis Drive, Suite 103
Parkville, MO 64152

tel: 929-251-4653
email: info@thebestgolfacademy.com

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