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Monday, April 15, 2024

Frankly it's simple. I am dedicated to helping any level of golfer enjoy playing golf, improve scores, and reach personal goals. There are four areas I work on: 1) full swing fundamentals 2) short game fundamentals 3) mental and course management and 4) fitness and nutrition.

I don't experiment with golfer's during a lesson. I work only on true proven fundamentals. I would never suggest you do something in a golf lesson I would never do in my own game. There is not one way to swing a club, but there is a swing for you! I will work with you on improving your swing, not some model or method or cookie cutter approach. My goal with every golf student of mine is to educate them so they can learn for themselves how to get better and better. Continuous improvement is the key to enjoying this game for years to come. 

I try very hard to keep things simple. It takes great knowledge and experience to simplify any subject. But it is the trademark of a great instructor, especially a golf instructor. I have lost clients who think the golf swing is complicated and complex and my philosophies are too simple, but for everyone I have lost, I have helped hundreds more develop a simple, fundamentally correct approach to swinging the golf club and reaching their goals in golf. I would enjoy helping you as well.

Ed Schwent
PGA Class A Member
Director of Instruction
Ed Schwent Golf at Old Hickory

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