Student testimonials


"Before I started seeing Carl in the the Spring of 2009, my game was very streaky and not very consistent. The UVU mens golf coach told me that I needed to become more consistent and limit my misses to become competitive at the college level. Carl has helped my game so much. I now have a better sense of where the club is at all points in my swing and now  understand what is wrong when I have a bad day.

Carl is very hands on and has helped me improve in all aspects of life not only on the golf course. I was once told that golf is a game where 6 inches control everything.. the 6 inches between your ears.

I highly recommend Carl Sarahs to anyone wanting to improve their golf game. He is a great teacher and friend.

Thanks Carl!!!"

ken kelter

Carl is an outstanding golf instructor. He clearly communicates the fundamentals of the golf swing in a way that is easy to understand. Carl's personal skills and calm demeanor enable him to work with both myself and my young daughters. I highly recommend Carl for your golf lessons! 


bob campbell

I am a 60 year-old golfer who has been working with Carl for over 3 years. Carl Sarahs has a unique ability to relate to and teach people of all ages, genders, shapes and skill. In my many years of playing the game and taking lessons, none of my previous instructors have come close to Carl's positive effect on my game and outlook towards golf.

Carl’s Knowledge, Patience, and Good Humor are displayed in abundance during his instruction. His great knowledge of the game is founded upon a real understanding of the game. He stays absolutely current on his craft. He does not teach "one swing" to all, but rather what will work best for each student, based upon how they arrive in his care.

Carl communicates very well on the lesson tee. He combines this with all the current technologies, whether that is training aids, video of all types, written lesson notes, etc. His people skills allow him to blend seriousness and humor correctly. Carl can move from Diplomat to Coach in a heartbeat, given the level of a student's dedication and the situation at hand. I look forward to my times with Carl. He really cares about my progress and I appreciate that. I can recommend Carl Sarahs to any golfer who wants to enjoy his game more and improve on his talents.

Tim Pranger

Carl is the only golf instructor I have ever had that truly cares about each and every students success. Your goals are what is important to him, and he makes sure to take the time to answer all your questions and concerns. His love of the game and his constant improvement for both himself and his students makes him an exceptional teacher."

luke mcdermott

“Carl, has great depth in his teaching approach to the golf swing. He is very personable, courteous and kind. But most of all, he is a person with integrity that is worth of trust and admiration. I would recommend his teaching services of the golf swing to any person who is serious about improving their golf game. Sincerely, H. Luke McDermott”

al peterson

  “Working with Carl has improved my game significantly. He has helped me with in my ability to produce the kind of swing i could make. He looks at each individual and helps improve their consistency. He is not a one system one swing fits all kind of coach. I would recommend Carl to anyone.”

davis mulholland

  “In very short order, Carl improved my game. He is able to refine his comments to straight-forward concepts that are easy to implement. He has been a tremendous help while being fun at the same time.”

jeff kitches

With Carl's willingness to accommodate difficult schedules, signing up for lessons becomes much easier. Secondly, Carl stresses the importance of the basic fundamentals and understands that each golf swing is different in its own unique way. Given this, Carl teaches the swing that is best for you to maximize your potential.

Lastly, Carl understands that changing your swing is difficult, therefore he provides a customized booklet with simplified instruction tips and drills, geared toward helping you improve your golf swing. The booklet and notes allow for future reference and checkup points to asses one's progress. Not only has Carl simplified my swing, I now have a better understanding of how and why I swing the golf club the way I do.