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Monday, July 22, 2024

Block training:
Make sure that you use the yellow cross on the mats to help with your direction and ball position.
Pitching: Your working on the C position and you need to hold your lower case y.  We are working on improving your impact position and beyond.  We are working on improving your pivot and arm swing so that they can compliment each other.
Start every day with hitting Pitch shots (A+B+C) (L to y to y) 20 reps
Then you can hit shorter and longer pitch shots 20 reps of each
Full Swing: Your working on your backswing to achieve a stable and balance position at the top of your backswing.
7 iron 20 reps
4 hybrid 20 reps
Driver 20 reps

Random training: Play a few holes in your head.  Hit a Driver then a 6 iron then a pitch shot (40 yards). Then move on to the next hole – Driver then a hybrid then a pitch shot (20 yards).  This is just an example that I will explain in your next lesson

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