Adding/Editing Products

To add or edit the products in your cart, follow these steps:

  1. Login with your Administrator account and go to your Shop Admin Page in the Shop menu.
  2. In the small menu in the page, mouseover Catalog, and choose "Products":

  3. If you're adding a new product, click the "Add New" button.  Otherwise click select on the row of the product you want to edit:

  4. In the General tab, enter in a name for your product and hit "Save" on the top-right

  5. .Explore the tabs here after saving, there are a lot of options for you to enter information about your product! 
  6. To add and image for your product, click the "Gallery" tab, and click "Add New":  Then click the following browse button to select and upload an image for your product.  The cart will dynamically resize the image to the appropriate sizes for you.

  7. To add a price to your product, click on the "Variant" tab and again select "Add New":

  8. Look for the "Price" tab and enter in the price for the product.  After, hit the "Save Variant" button in the upper right corner.

  9. Three are many other options in the cart.  Please feel free to play around and try them out, or call us at 801-816-1611 for help in inserting/editing advanced products such as memberships and recurring items.