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Scot W.R. Nei – Director Of Instruction / Golf Professional
Fred Peacock
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Scot W.R. Nei – Director Of Instruction / Golf Professional

Scot W.R.Nei – TourBound Golf Academy, Chicago. Pebble Beach Golf Academy, Pebble Beach.

To schedule a lesson with Scot W.R.Nei - Click Here

"Scot has built his reputation by helping golfers of all skill levels improve their technique, strategy, and lower their scores. He has helped golf's best players build consistent, repeatable swings; confident mental attitudes; imaginative reliable short games; and a better understanding of how to manage their games once they step off the practice range and onto the course.

Scot’s commitment to excellence is no better demonstrated than by the world class Instructors he continues to learn from as well as some of the PGA Tour's top playing professionals

Click here for a testimonial from Jeff Rude, Golfweek Senior Writer.

CEO and President of RoboGolfPro and TourBound, he has achieved great success in golf as a tour player, teacher, designer and communicator. He is regarded as one of the most innovated instructors and is willing to do whatever it takes to help students achieve their golfing goals and dreams. "



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