Private Lessons (per hour)

Member Rate Non-Member
Paul & Jennifer Barnsley $120, $100 for juniors $160
Assistant Golf Professional $80, $60 for juniors $100

A Typical Lesson

Golfers come for a lesson for three reasons, when they are not playing to their handicap, they want to lower their handicap or they want to learn the game.  We like our lessons to be an hour, at least for the first lesson because of the initial interview process and video analysis. After the first lesson the student is able to book half hour lessons.  Lessons are booked through our email or cell phone.

A full swing lesson usually starts on the range after the student has warmed up.  Their is a short interview process to find out what you expect from the lesson, what your golf goals are, your favorite and least favorite clubs, and worst ball flight miss.  We watch you hit balls observing your ball flight, club impact with the ball, hitting area, swing shape, and practice swings.  Next we confirm and explain your ball flight faults, impact conditions and swing shape followed by a game plan for improvement.  We explain the swing correction by verbal explanation, fact versus feel, demonstrations, using drills and training aids, video analysis and kinesthetically moving you in the correct positions.  The correction will probably feel exaggerated even if the correction is slight.  The new move will take some getting used to before it becomes second nature.

The final part of the lesson is to make sure you understand what you need to work on and that you’re hitting better shots more repetitively.  If you are not fully satisfied with the lesson, we have no problem giving you your money back.  After the initial lesson, we create a game plan.  Your lesson recap and next step to your golf improvement is sent by email.