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ForeTees is a tool for Race Brook Country Club members only.  ForeTees is an online user-friendly notification system accessed through this website, Race Brook website or  ForeTees benefits members and staff by:
  • Notification system for golf staff of upcoming play for better member service
  • An easy way to find or coordinate games through a Buddy List email tool
  • A tool to personally invite or reach out to other members
  • Access to the current season tournament calendar and all pertinent information for each event, and
  • The ability to sign up for an event
We need your help!  As you probably know Friday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday mornings are our busiest playing times and the most challenging for the golf operations.  When members use the notification system, the staff knows who is coming out a head of time, we can pull their golf bags and set them on the appropriate carts.  This makes for better member service when you do arrive.
Most members have a group they like to play with, but belonging to a club is more than playing with your small group of friends.  It’s networking with other people whether it is for business or pleasure.  When you come to the club knowing many people, both members and staff, socializing and feeling comfortable is all part of the enjoyment of the country club experience.

ForeTees gives members the ability to find a game when their regular group may not be available to play.  When new members join the club they may not have a regular group they play with and they may not feel comfortable asking others.  The ForeTees Buddy List should be used just like the world of social media.  Attending social events, playing in tournaments and pairings through golf staff are ways to meet others to add to your Buddy List.  The ForeTees email tool is another way for members, especially new members, and staff to connect with other club members outside the club.
As a member, let’s start promoting ForeTees and invite others to play so every member feels comfortable and enjoys the club.

How do you to sign up for ForeTees?
If you are a member, you are on already on ForeTees.  You can access ForeTees through this website, the Race Brook website or at  To find your user name and password contact the club.  

What is the best way of finding a game as a single player?
The best way to find a game is through ForeTees.  First, you need to develop a Buddy List by entering your friends names and other members you have met at the club that you think you might enjoy playing with.  ForeTees already has their email.  Then you can email your Buddy List for a game.  If someone responds then ForeTees automatically informs everyone on your Buddy List about the time the two of you are playing.

How can I find more buddies for the Buddy List?
The bigger your buddy list the easier it is to find a game when you want to play.  The best way to find buddies is by playing in club tournaments, attending social events, dinners at the club and by asking the golf operations staff.  When you are introduced to others, make sure you put them on your Buddy List.

Can the golf staff help me find a game?
Because members use the ForeTees system, most groups on Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday morning have their games before they arrive at the club.  If you just show up we will do our best and make every effort to find you a game with no guarantee.
The best way for the golf staff to find you a game is through contacting staff in advance through the ForeTees notification system or by phone, i.e., contacting them that morning if you're playing in the afternoon, or the day before if you are playing in the next morning.  The golf staff will communicate with other members through the ForeTees email tool or by phone.