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   "The Mike Epstein Hitting System 7 Lesson Program"  
Perfect for both Baseball or Fastpitch Softball Players:

All staff members are certified to teach the Mike Epstein 7 Lesson Hitting Program.  This is the full "Epstein Hitting Method". All lessons should be conducted on consecutive days or as quickly as time will allow. The first three lessons are learning Mike's proprietary drills and can be up to 1 hour in length. The last four lessons are "live" hitting, where the final "tweaking" is done and game preparation is stressed. These lessons are generally 45 minutes to one hour in length. The player gets upwards of 200 swings in each of these sessions which is what is recommended to create the “Muscle Memory” needed to change.

The real value to our innovative program is that the player is taught quickly, easily, and correctly. Every lesson is completed with our Video Analysis Software starting at the first lesson.  Having these "before-during-after" videos work wonders for the player for two reasons: (1) they can now visually see the RESULTS of their hard work, which goes a long way to increase their confidence level, and (2) the player, player's agent, or parent can also see that their hard-earned money is really showing tangible results! The player is given our proprietary hitting drills which emphasize the proper hitting movements. These drills were invented and designed by Mike Epstein and heartily approved by Ted Williams. These drills, in conjunction with one another, emphasize the proper "core" mechanics and provide the player with all they will need to further enhance and embellish the movements and positions they have learned. It is very important that the player knows and understands the value of these drills

  After a player completes the one on one 7 Lesson program, it is only recommended to do 30 minute tune ups which will continue to reinforce the mechanics of the proper swing.