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Mark Fenech is among the nowadays modern Class “A” PGA professionals, and brings an immense amount of teaching experience from all levels to his Golf Teachings. Mark specializes in “fundamentals”, Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture, a Philosophy that tends to be forgotten by all but the greatest players. He is accomplished in club fitting and a certified Yoga for Golf instructor, with a degree in Business Marketing. He directs Junior Tours and has successfully worked in our games industry on all club & Tour platforms as an educator. If it’s course management, short game clinics or full swing video analysis, his gift at teaching all skill levels comes from a developed sense of up-to-date communication skills.

As a teacher, Mark excels and attracts many students while successfully helping students of all levels with their golf game.

The personal approach Mark uses is unique to golf instruction. From golf swing instruction to personal fitness and nutrition assessment as well as analyzing the student’s golf equipment. This is where your own personal improvement package will help you to reach all your golf goals.
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