Individual Golf Instruction Sessions
All sessions include the usage of video, and computer software images of the world’s leading male and female players. Our technology allows us to use these swing models in a side-by-side comparison with you. Our computer images provide a frame-by-frame advance that permits us to view each segment of your swing. We will film you from multiple angles and our split-screen will permit you to see this. Your monitors will enable you to see your address position from multiple angles and assist you in making any necessary changes. Your golf swing is analyzed with state of the art technology that allows for the usage of graphics, stop-action, slow motion, and printed images and notes for you to take home to practice.

Yoga for Golf Clinics
I'am a certified YFG instructor and provide multiple hour Yoga for Golf Clinics for teaching golfers of any skill level. The classes are limited so that we will work together individually as well as groups learning the factors that will affect the swing. Our initial clinic is a Fundamentals Clinic that will enable you to correctly identify the amount of presence necessary on an athletic level to perform well in our game.

Corporate Outings
Single or multiple day instruction and playing outings are available at destinations throughout the United States and Caribbean. The ratio of students to instructor is typically 4 to 1 to insure personalized instruction for every attendee. Each student will receive a personalized program of improvement that will be made available to them to take home. All arrangements can be handled through Greenside Golf Services, Inc. to insure that this occasion will be memorable. These programs are available throughout the year and instruction is offered on all facets of the game.

Short Game Instruction
In this facet of the game we will cover all the shots needed for scoring from within 75 yards of the green which account for at least 60% of your total strokes. In additin to chipping and pitching we will do bunker play,putting and most importantly green reading which will faciltate you making a better and more confident putting stroke motion.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available for all of our programs and can be personalized in any manner that you prefer. We can send the certificate with a personal letter from director of instruction, Mark Fenech to the recipient. For more details please contact me.

Swing Evaluation:

This is a 2 Hour comprehensive evaluation of your golf game.

Improvement packages:
Includes evaluating your golf swing, short game, physical fitness
and golf clubs set analysis.

You will receive your own webpage at this time so you will be able to access all your lessons and your drills.
$160. (requirement before starting lessons)

All lessons are @30 minutes in length and include a web lesson and drills.

  • 5 lesson package $160
  • 10 lesson package $300