National Champion
Adam Harrell transformed my game from an average junior golfer to a National Championship winner in college. Adam made difficult changes and concepts very easy to learn and implement. I highly recommend Adam for any player who is wanting to take their game to the next level and blow away the competition! – Adam Harding

College Golf Preparation

Our teenage daughter has been playing golf for about three years. Mr. Adam Harrell is the best golf instructor we have come across. He is passionate about teaching and he is committed to his students. He is a hands-on instructor and gives his full attention to his students. He knows exactly what our daughter needs to work on and how to correct or improve them, step by step. Most of all he makes golf lessons fun for my daughter. He is personable and relates exceptionally well with his students. Unlike other instructors, he teaches the total aspects of the game – physical as well as mental. We are so glad Adam is our daughter’s instructor. – Joseph J

Private Lessons
Adam Harrell helped me lower my handicap index by over 5 strokes to 16.7 in 20 lessons spread over less than a year. He is very easy to work with, and has the unique ability to explain and demonstrate key points in multiple ways to ensure the student grasps the lesson objectives. His knowledge of the game is amazing and he clearly stays current with new ideas and technical data about instruction, equipment, and other useful information. He also listens to his students, a characteristic not always found in golf instructors. Adam uses training aids and techniques effectively and creatively to help the student grasp the fundamentals. His approach includes in-studio, driving range, practice area, and on-course instruction, and he addresses the physical and mental aspects of the game equally well. I have observed him instructing young and old students (including this 66 year old), and he is equally adept at both. And perhaps best of all, Adam makes it fun – his love of the game and of golf instruction are evident in all he does – a terrific person and great instructor.
Rick H

After working with Adam for the last 2 years I have been able to lower my handicap by from a 10 to a 6 and Adam is now working to lower it even further this year. Adam is a great player in addition to being a great teacher and therefore can take the student through a step by step visual breakdown when explaining their golf swing and why he is assigning certain drills for the student. Overall Adam provides a great learning experience and I am looking forward to continue my work with him this year.”   -Richard S

All I can say is WOW.  Since I saw you on Weds. this week I have played 3 rounds of golf.  I’m smoking my 3 wood and all other fairway woods.  The tips you gave me are also helping me with my drives and my iron play.  I have gained confidence in my fairway woods and am no longer reluctant to pull one out of my bag.  Thanks so much for your super instruction.Thanks again! -  Tom B

Eliminating Back Pain from Golf
Jeff was a 15 handicap and came to Adam to improve his golf game and also to create a swing that didn’t aggravate an old golfing injury.  Over an 8 lesson period, Adam instilled in Jeff the weight shift off of his right side that was causing a pinch in his right lower back.  Getting Jeff to move correctly forward through the ball has also improved his handicap to a 6.3 this past summer.
“I have a much better understanding of using my core to turn around the ball and to move over to my left side.  I can play a whole round of golf and not activate the pain from the old swing.” – Jeff S.

Great Lessons with Paq 
In September of 2010, I played in a work related golf function with people from my Corporate Office.  I was dragged out there reluctantly, since I had never played golf before.  It was a frustrating experience, and the next day I called up to a local golf club that had a training facility.  I spoke with Paquiry (Paq) Loganathan, and booked my first golf lesson for the next day.  Paq had to start from scratch, as I was a month shy of my 40th birthday and  had no idea on even the basics of a proper golf grip.  That one lesson led to many over the course of the last five years.  At no time did Paq every lose patience with me, and he always was able to correct any bad habit I had fallen into during my periods of play in between lessons.  He focused his attention on my mid-range irons throughout the first year, a focus that has paid huge dividends for me since I started playing.  With friends and business partners having played the game for 20+ years, I immediately surpassed them in iron accuracy.  I shot even par on the Par 3 holes at Raspberry Falls (132 slope rating) only six months after my first lesson.
As the 2015 season comes to a close, my index is a 15.4.  I finished 2nd in my flight at the Northwood Club Golden Tee Member Guest in June, and birdied the famous 16th Hole (Stadium Course) at PGA Scottsdale.  I have shot in the 80s 11 times this year, and have a personal goal of breaking 80 in 2016.  Rest assured I will get more lessons with Paq prior to the 2016 season kicking off.  
I have never taken a lesson from anyone else, and do not read the golf tip articles in magazines. I trust my game to Paq, and the results I have listed that have occurred in a short five year time-frame  speak for themselves. 
For anyone interested in taking up the game of golf for the first time, for those committed to improvement, or for those who want to beat their friends and business partners, I would enthusiastically recommend Paq.- Martin Linsky Ashburn, Virginia