Technology & Certifications

The Elite Performance Golf Academy prides itself on providing it’s students the latest in technology to best help you achieve your golfing goals. We utilize the industry leading FlightScope launch monitor. We can measure your ball speed, clubhead speed, smash factor, angle of attack, club face alignment, club path and more. With this amazing piece of technology we can “Redefine” how our students swing method can change the flight of the golf ball. No more guessing about what you did through the golf ball. FlightScope measures these characteristics with precision second to none.

The FlightScope Launch Monitor will be used at our schools. The FlightScope Launch Monitor will be used at our schools.
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We use the JC Video Golf Software to analyze our clients golf swing. The JC Video Golf Software allows the Academy to view your swing in slow motion and compare your swing to other pros or your old swing. The software also enables the client to receive a voice-over swing analysis that is delivered directly to your email or to your Smartphone as a text message. Imagine being able to hear your instructors analysis as you hit balls on the range. You'll receive a private Student Profile and a summary video of your lesson to watch and continue to improve with. As well as easily sharing your Profile with other instructors, College Scouts, friends, or Grandma. Your profiles are extendable and can store all your golf info with ease!  All your stats and info in one place. 

 We also utilize the TOMI Putting System to analyze your putting stroke. TOMI measures 8 variables in your stroke: alignment at address, alignment at impact, path, length of stroke, centeredness of contact, angle of attack, speed of the stroke, and overall tempo of the stroke. With these measurements we can easily determine how best to improve your putting technique. A must if you want to roll the rock better.


We are also affiliated with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), the industry leader in golf fitness. The founders of TPI, Greg Rose and Dave Phillips have ties to the Middle Atlantic Golf Region. We can assess your body for golf and determine the best program for you and your golf game.


The Academy also uses Super Flex Bands to help students develop the feel for their swing. These bands also are used for fitness training. These bands come in different thicknesses and resistances making them relevant to any fitness level. A huge asset to our Academy.


One of the most popular pieces of technology we offer is use of our Indoor Learning Center Studio. The studio is equipped with a putting studio, hitting bay, workout area, video library, golf instruction books library, and mirrors to work on your swing. The Learning Center is open year round to help you improve your game. No more putting the clubs away for the winter anymore.