I'm the dad of a baseball player that has been working on hitting for 18 months with Greg Kiel of Doyle Baseball.  Bottom line, Greg has made a massive positive difference in my son Thomas in more ways than I asked for or ever expected.  My son struggled through the ups and downs of travel ball and high school ball, then fortunately was able to sign with a small junior college.  Thomas was always an excellent defensive player, but struggled at the plate.  He was not having success at the college level and was therefore not getting playing time.  We reached out to Greg and he immediately started making adjustments in his mental and physical approach to hitting as well as the game overall.  Thomas has gone from lacking confidence, striking out a lot and hitting a lot of ground balls, to a confident and crafty hitter who can hit well to all parts of the field with line drives and growing power.  Now he comes to the plate with a very specific plan in place and the knowledge and skill to execute the plan.  A big difference.  Now that Thomas has gone from junior college to a four year school, he is one of the top hitters on the team.  The time that we have invested with Greg was exactly what Thomas needed.  We are very excited to see that the future holds.  One thing is for sure, Thomas will continue to work with Greg for the rest of his baseball career.  We are very optimistic about the upcoming season and beyond.  A big thank you goes out to Greg at Doyle Baseball.

Tommy Elms - Father of Thomas Elms

I wanted to thank you for the example that you set for me as a child – from the first time I met you until the last time I saw you as a young man. I can honestly tell you I miss playing baseball, but I miss the Doyles (Denny, Blake and Brian) even more. You were truly role models for me and I am glad that you and the school are still doing well. I never made it to the Major Leagues, but I learned how to play the game and love the game. I wish you nothing but the best, and my God continue to bless and shine His face upon you!

Dave ZegacStudent

Just thought I’d drop a quick note to tell you what a WONDERFUL time Matthew had at your camp. Please pass on to all the instructors who were part of his experience that they have made a very positive impact on Matthew’s life. In his 14 years of every other “camp situation” he has experienced, he has left there more than ready to come home. However, he was so emotionally excited and deeply moved, that in the baseball sense, he came out of Doyle Baseball with the most confidence and enthusiasm I’ve ever seen him have. And on a personal level, something happened – he matured in ways that I haven’t seen before. He was so moved by his experience there that after completing the final day, we returned to the hotel to clean up and pack to leave for the airport. And as we were pulling out, he asked me if he could go back to the Doyle Baseball facility one more time, to thank all of you and say goodbye again. We went back and he didn’t see anyone, so he just walked around a bit. And when he returned to the car, he was very emotional. He is already asking about the next camp, pleading with me to let him come on the one in March. In this, I thank you beyond my ability to express in mere word.

Geary M. MayerFather of Doyle BB Student

I wanted you to know that one of your early graduates from Crystal Lake days has made it to the show with the Chicago Cubs.  TAYLOR DAVIS attended one of your camps when he was 4 years old at the park in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  He was so happy you allowed him in at that age.  Every day he would come home reciting your sayings and telling us that he "is going to the Big Show one day".  Well, that day came this September 4 when he 'got the call'.  This is a success story for DOYLE BASEBALL.  You showed our son how to play the game the right way.  TAYLOR DAVIS #43 for the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION CHICAGO CUBS!!  Thanks so much for all you do.

Matt DavisOne Proud DAD

My son, Matt, is one of your students and is now in his sophomore year at Beloit College in Wisconsin (a Division 3 school). He was named second team All Conference for his freshman year and was just named in Collegiate Baseball Newspaper as one of the “D3 Players to Watch” as a catcher. I don’t know if you fully understand what you guys have meant to him in both his development as a player and a person. I know for sure your encouragement really drove him to college baseball. This note is meant to express a parent’s extreme thanks in what you have done.

Tim Bartz Father of Doyle BB Student

I am writing this note to you to inform latest development with my son Angel at the university now. We missed this year summer academy but good reasons were driving us. He is now enrolled at University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA) to do two things he likes, in the right order from most he likes first is Baseball, he is now Freshman of Pacific Tigers, Division I, position Receiver. Head Coach: Ed Sprague, former big-league 3er base, 11 years on major leagues. http://pacifictigers.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/paci-m-basebl-body.html. He is also looking to make his major on Electrical Engineering. Thanks for all your support and also please give my thanks and regards to Denny and Blake. Attached pls find latest picture of Angel with Coach Sprague just getting for first day at university, also pls check which t-shirt was Angel wearing for his first day of arrival and let me know your thoughts about what he is proud of? All this came naturally..! Best regards and hopping to see you next summer.

Angel Rosendo Father