Our Story

The birth of Doyle Baseball grew out of a desire to give something back to the game. Brothers and former professional baseball players Denny (an alum of the Red Sox, Angels and Phillies), Brian (an alum of the Rangers, Yankees, A’s, Blue Jays and Indians) and Blake (an alum of the Orioles and Reds) had that desire when they founded Doyle in 1978, and our entire staff possesses that today. (Those of you from the beginning remember us as Florida Professional Baseball School until 1980 when we became Doyle Baseball School.) Playing with and against the best, on pennant winners and World Series teams for a combined 30 years’ professional baseball experience, has helped lay the foundation for Doyle Baseball School to develop its unique teaching methods, leading to the game’s most innovative and respected training programs.

Doyle Baseball’s goal is centered around expanding the interest and participation in amateur baseball around the world. Every Doyle program is designed to increase and maximize every participant’s self-esteem and enjoyment of the game.

One of the first organizations to implement college and professional showcase events, Doyle Baseball has had many graduates reach the big leagues and thousands have gone on to successful college careers.

When it comes to hitting, there is no organization that doesn’t look to see what Doyle is teaching. The first organization to teach the “no stride” or “pick up and put down” approach to hitting.  Our approach is now that standard at all levels.
Doyle CEO Blake Doyle is back after three seasons with the Colorado Rockies as the Major League Hitting Coach. The Rockies led the National League with a .276 batting average, along with having National League Batting Champion Justin Morneau under his tutelage
College coaches value the opinions of the Doyle staff and we have helped many players obtain college scholarships and professional careers through our recommendations.

The Doyle Baseball System's MVP approach to teaching has been used by the baseball industry for years. The approach of having the player MEMORIZE the proper terminology, VISUALIZE the instructor in the proper position and finally PERSONALIZE it into their own program. This proven teaching format has helped players and coaches improve in the shortest period of time.